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Stormwater and New Homes

Seeing a small ditch or poorly landscaped rocky area is what home buyers are startled to see when looking at new homes in Vienna. They can become an all-consuming focal point... and not in a very good way. First off, there was a rainfall record set in 2018. Stormwater Continue Reading

10 years ago I started this blog

Then one day you find that, 10 years have got behind you... ~ Time by Pink Floyd There are moments in time such as when your car is 10-years old, your dog is 10, or your kid turns 10, that you realize time passes quickly. Today, 10 years ago, I published my first blog post Continue Reading

How has the market been?

At year-end 2018, I often get that question from friends and clients across Vienna. The final numbers will be out in early January but for now... Vienna - Year-to-Date sold listing were down 6.4% McLean - Year-to-Date sold listings were down 9.4% Arlington - Continue Reading

The House Survey tells a Story

Reading over a house survey is one of the most important steps you will take when you are buying a home, but you may not see it until you are a week away from the Final Settlement. This official drawing is done by a licensed surveyor who will go to the property and create an Continue Reading

Keep Rain Water Draining Away

Quickly... I decided to republish this post since we have had a record-setting year for rain here in Vienna. July started out hot and dry, and then it rained dropping 14-inches of rain. We have reached our annual rain total by the end of August 2018... so it's been really Continue Reading