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Town of Vienna VA Property Tax

Budget, budget budget. Every year, the Town of Vienna, VA, and Fairfax County approve budgets for the year. The amount charged for property tax (real estate) typically will change because the tax rate can fluctuate as can the Assessment. Property Assessments are Continue Reading

How to Handle Multiple Offers

Congratulations! You did something right if you have received multiple offers on your house. Although this is a great opportunity to get your full list price or much more, this news is always received by my clients with a sense of shock. One or two offers is Continue Reading

My Advice…

Although you may not drive an electric vehicle now, know there is a high probability you will ten years from now. Volkswagen announced recently that more than half their sales will be EV's by 2030.Volvo has planned to be fully electric by 2030.GM plans to be offering Continue Reading