The Vienna real estate market has really changed over my twenty-five years. From architecture to walk scores.

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Everyday is Earth Day

Everyday is Earth Day in my community. The Town of Vienna has a unique program encouraging people to make donations to support the replacement of street trees around town. About ten years ago, I was talking with the director of the parks and recreation department about Continue Reading

Is the wrong school listed online?

The truth is, school reputations can make or break real estate values. And why does public school funding usually become a political hot potato when jurisdictions discuss increasing funding or adding a new 1/2 cent meals tax to help fund the schools? Honestly, good schools cement Continue Reading

Stormwater and New Homes

Seeing a small ditch or poorly landscaped rocky area is what home buyers are startled to see when looking at new homes in Vienna. They can become an all-consuming focal point... and not in a very good way. First off, there was a rainfall record set in 2018. Stormwater Continue Reading

10 years ago I started this blog

Then one day you find that, 10 years have got behind you... ~ Time by Pink Floyd There are moments in time such as when your car is 10-years old, your dog is 10, or your kid turns 10, that you realize time passes quickly. Today, 10 years ago, I published my first blog post Continue Reading